[CentOS] yum vs up2date

Thu Sep 7 16:34:25 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Jim Perrin wrote:

> Faulty question. Changing the mirror system would help him. This is
> why he wants it done. The question more appropriately (in my mind at
> least) is "Should centos get into the business of tweaking the mirror
> so that it suits the special case last mile users?"

There are more than us in Western Australia or even Australia; I seem to 
recall that UK and Germany have similar plans.

> The current mirror system is a vast improvement over the previous design.
> There's some parental pride which will be resistant to change over the
> current script, although if it's a worthwhile improvement, I'm sure
> reason will prevail.
> I believe that we provide a general service, and that to some extent,
> it's up to individual users to tweak to suit their unique needs. I
> don't think CentOS should get involved with "last mile" efforts, as
> most other distros do not, (or do so only by accident as with debian
> picking a mirror close to you).

Debian recommends asks where the user is, and asks for a choice.

> There's nothing stopping people from changing the repo file to suit

There's the small point that most users don't know they should, and 
unless they're prompted to confirm the choice, they won't go looking.

> their needs, and indeed from another thread on the centos-devel list
> it seems that many do this to point to custom/local/tested
> repositories of their own creation.

But those are more competent than my wife (Ubuntu), my youngest daughter 
(RHL 5.x and more recently Ubuntu) or my boss (who pays me to look after 
his RHL 7.3 system).

The fact that the Fedora Project, Ubuntu and others do it badly doesn't 
excuse us.

Most of the people on these lists are fairly competent, and could make a 
sane choice given the opportuntity.



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