[CentOS] yum vs up2date

Thu Sep 7 21:11:43 UTC 2006
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

John Summerfield wrote:
> Lance Davis wrote:
>>On Fri, 8 Sep 2006, John Summerfield wrote:
>>>You haven't shown how the mirroring system find a good mirror, and the 
>>>evidence Johnny gave shows it doesn't.
>>Ehhh ???
> The shortest "wire" was thousands of kilometres long. From a networking 
> POV, that's not good.

I know about Coriolis being different down under, but speed of light

>>>Your mirror system doesn't show them to users, and that's a problem to 
>>>those users whom it costs.
> >We only list mirrors that tell us they want to be listed. We are not 
> >about to go searching the net to find other ones.
> I'm only an ignorant user, I don't know how the Centos organisation 
> works or how you found the systems you do list.

Well, then *think*.

> I've been using the Internet for quite a few years; when I was learning 
> its ins & outs, I read that one should choose a mirror that is 
> relatively local (as measured by the wire).

Yeah, that latency can get annoying if you go around the earth ~7 times.

> There aren't that many wires out of Perth, and they're very long ones, 
> so from our perspective geographic locality and topological locality are 
> pretty much the same.
> Use of mirrors on the opposite side of the globe when there's a nearer 
> choice just goes to tie up bandwidth needlessly, increasing costs for 
> all. It's a bad idea.

Then CentOS has to *KNOW* about these mirrors. If we don't - how do you
expect those mirrors to get listed? By probing each ftp server world

> There were several other mirrors listed, so there were other mirrors 
> available.

Yes. Mirrors which the CentOS team *knew* about.

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