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Fri Sep 8 00:02:35 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

kai wrote:
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>>> Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 08:05:19 PM +0200
>>>>> I need to access my mail boxes from two desktops on a local
>>>>> network,  windows and CentOS.
>>>> Why not use soemthign like thunderbird and connect to the mail
>>>> server  with the imap protocol? Maybe i am missing something here.
>>>> Thank you for answering.
>>> It would be very interesting to her what others do when they have
>>> multiply smtp accounts and multiple access are needed.
>> imap (as opposed to pop) works directly off the server, so unless you
>> go into "off-line mode" there are no synchronization issues and mail is
>> only deleted on specific user action (unlike pop which is generally set
>> to delete on download).
>>    - Rick
> Thanks for the answers, I agree that imap may be right, but my dns 
> supplier has a quota at 40MB. I like to keep my mails, additional to my 
> privat I am following several mailing list, separated, so the quota is 
> way to small.

What does your DNS supplier have to do with your mail delivery? If you 
own the domain name, you can have anyone you choose to host it, and if 
they provide a mail service, you don't have to use it. If they host our 
DNS, the IP addresses they point to should be the ones you tell them to 
point to.

If, as Scott surmises, your home systems smtp port's blocked, that's a 
different, unrelated issue. If your Internet Access Provider requires 
you to send outgoing email via his server, that's fine - it helps cut 
down spamming rogues, and can help you with quicker delivery, especially 
where you have multiple recipients, or you like to turn your internet 
off when not in use and some recipient's mx is down.

If you do host your mail service, you can have as many email addresses 
as you like.



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