[CentOS] bugzilla; was: openssl package possibly different in CentOS and RHEL

Fri Sep 8 03:48:51 UTC 2006
R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com>

On Thu, 7 Sep 2006, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> BTW, any chance CentOS will switch to Bugzilla? ;-)
> The current system is...  well...  different...  Probably 
> the reason I usually fire off mail to mailing list, instead 
> of going to bugs.centos.org. I personally find Bugzilla 
> easier to use, and that is what almost everything else uses 
> to track bugs (except few odd projets, like CentOS).

heh -- actually new 'bugzilla' installs seem rarer than new 
'trac' installs.

Back early on in centos's life, when a sub-project of cAos, we 
had a bugzilla; a comple of security fixes in bugzilla were 
mandated by events, and a switch away occurred. Content was 
migrated, and some of the 'groups' rights confidential 
(security related) material 'leaked' briefly during the 

'mantis' is the base for the current tracker, and has been 
reliable for centos since its uptake.  I find it requires a 
mindshift to use properly, compared to my bugzilla habits, but 
that some of its default and configurable views are quicker 
for triaging and working bugs after some practice.

In packaging and tracking bugzilla, I find that there are some 
changes post its version 2.20.1 which impair the Preferences 
and User Preferences functions, and which are not yet fixed 
upstream.  A return to bugzilla seems unlikely absent a 
more compelling reason the unfamiliarity of interface.

-- Russ Herrold