[CentOS] NPTL problem on Centos 4.4

Fri Sep 8 05:13:18 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> fredex wrote:
>> I haven't contacted RH yet because my RHEL4 box is currently down due
>> to a hardware problem, and I know they won't talk to me if I say I can 
>> reproduce it on a Centos box! :)
> Stupid question, but is the box in question an i586 by any chance? There 
> used to be issues with NPTL and i586 long time ago in FC2, which were 
> mostly fixed in FC3.  The fix for RHEL4 was simply not to support i586 
> architecture (CentOS project re-added it).
> So if it is an old i586 box, Red Hat ain't gonna talk to you since RHEL4 
> is not supposed to run on an i586.

I'm sceptical, Fred says it happens on RHEL (but his RHEL box is down) 
and Centos 4. He might be running a sort of living museum, I suppose, 
but he also indicated he can talk to RH about it (when his RHEL box is 
back up), so I guess it's not a Pentium.

Nice trivia tho:-)

I decided to chime in again to note that the only systems Fred says it 
fails on are running 2.6 kernels.

It might be worth booting an older 2.6 kernel to see whether that works 
around the problem.



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