[CentOS] ISPConfig: Secure on Centos?

Sun Sep 10 15:31:48 UTC 2006
David Ellsmore <dellsmore at vodafone.ie>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> karl at klxsystems.net wrote:
>> Just wanted to see if this tool was approved or disapproved of in the
>> centos community as far as security is concerned.
>> http://www.ispconfig.org/
>> I have noted that anything that is not a centos package is probably
>> suspect, -so feel free to assure, or warn, at your leisure.
>> Basically we are looking for a secure GUI based DNS admin tool, (I 
>> myself
>> prefer an openbsd or centos dns machine and tyo just edit by hand.)
>> Most of the GUI tools still need for you to change the serial or not
>> forget a dot at the end, so the GUI case is not as compelling to me 
>> as it
>> is our firm and it's customer base.
> Check out Webmin.
> I have been maintaining zone files for over 10 years.  Once I started 
> using Webmin, I pretty much just switched to it.
> It defaults to port 10000, you can change that.
> It uses a self-signed cert for SSL, you can provide one, as from TinyCA.
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I'll have to agree 100% with Robert on this one - I discovered Webmin a 
couple of years ago in use on a client's machine and started using it 
myself on my own machines - and the client in question has such levels 
of paranoia about security that he makes MI5 look like cowboys......

Since starting using it I reckon it takes me 50% less time to set up a 
machine once I've got Webmin up and running - and you don't need to have 
a web server running - Webmin can run its own mini HTTP server.

There's also Usermin - I'll leave you to guess what that's for! :-)