[CentOS] kbcached tuning on CentOS 4.4

Mon Sep 11 15:23:23 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Justin Randall wrote:
> If this is the wrong mailing list (though I doubt it is).  Could someone 
> please direct me to the right one?  Should this question be directed to 
> LKML instead?


If you bring this question up on LKML, you'll probably be ignored, 
laughed at or you might get some helpful guy who will ask the same 
question as Daniel did: Why is it a concern? Or that person will attempt 
to educate you on how Linux handles memory.

Why is the fact that the Linux kernel will put unused memory to good use 
a concern? It will immediately free up that unused memory when necessary...