[CentOS] HAL Problems

Tue Sep 12 15:16:45 UTC 2006
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-> Hi,
-> since the last few days my system crashs at startup of gdm (on system
-> boot).
-> If I choose runlevel 2, the system doesn't crash. I found out, that HAL
-> is
-> the problem. After disabling hal (chkconfig haldaemon --off) no crashes
-> appear.
-> The system freezes completly so I can't look into the logfiles.
-> I removed an reinstalled hal already, but nothing changed.
-> I tried older kernels releases and nothing changed.
-> Any help would be nice!
-> Regards, Christian

You may have a typo with the --off as I understand it

One proper way to look at it is

chkconfig --list | grep :on

will show you everything that is on for all runlevels

then you can

chkconfig haldaemon off

or if you want to turn all runlevels that are on, off then

chkconfig --level 2345 haldaemon off

this my help if you typo'd

thanks and kind regards

 - rh

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