[CentOS] HAL Problems

Tue Sep 12 17:23:18 UTC 2006
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-> Dell Inspiron 6000, Centrino (Intel 2200 WLAN), 512 MB, 1.6 GHz, ATI
-> X300
-> all packages are up to date - except kernel. Because of problems with
-> VMware I'm using version 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL.
-> hal = 0.4.2-4.EL4
-> gdm =
-> >
-> > Had you made any changes to the system prior to this starting?
-> I looked at yum.log - no changes since Sep 01. But the problem first
-> appeared yesterday.
-> The only thing I changed yesterday was deactivating ntpd.
-> If I boot into runlevel 2 and use "startx" the system works fine. If I
-> boot into runlevel 5 and disabled hal before, the system works fine,
-> too.
-> Only if I active hal and boot into runlevel 5 the system hangs.
-> Regards, Christian


Ummmmmmmmm I don't use haldaemon nor do I currently remember what it is for.

Do you need to use it for some reason?

I disable it like this on all systems so it doesnt run at all

chkconfig --level 2345 haldaemon off

this shuts off haldaemon for levels 2345

it is off on other runlevels by default

then do a

chkconfig --list haldaemon

if you need it enbabled for certain runlevels you can enable like

chkconfig --level 4 haldaemon on

and repeat as necessary.

Or again, just totally disable it with the first one above.

if you need it to run on your machine and if it is causing problems, I am
afraid I will not longer be able to be of assistance since I do not use it
and again, I don't recall what it even does although I knew at one point.

thanks in advance

 - rh

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