[CentOS] procmail problem with postfix

Wed Sep 13 11:22:13 UTC 2006
abhishek singh <abhishek.rhce at yahoo.co.in>

  I am using sendmail and procmail for same purpose and there is no problem.

Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net> wrote:
  abhishek singh wrote:
> Hi Friends
> I am configuring a mailserver , basically the working of this server is 
> to fetchmail from remote server and we have one account that is catchall 
> account and we are using procmail to distribute all mails properly to 
> users, n i m building new server for my company but i m getting 
> following error if i am sending mails from outside , if i am sending 
> mail from my own domain then there is no problem procmail is working 
> properly. plz help me out . i have remove my domain name by example .
> thanks

I have the feeling that you mean "a single system account will own all 
the mailboxes" by your 'catchall'. procmail is not suitable for this.

Since you are using postfix, consider using postfix's native virtual.

man virtual.

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