[CentOS] Revisited - No fullscreen on FreeNX

Wed Sep 13 18:50:54 UTC 2006
Steve Bergman <steve at rueb.com>

On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 13:26 -0500, Jay Leafey wrote:
> This topic came up some time back and I pretty much ignored it, but the "itch" came back to find out why.  Searching through the 
> FreeNX/knx list came up with the reason sessions did not come up full-screen even though the session definition was set to fullscreen.
> Apparently there is an oversight in /usr/bin/nxnode, the script is never retrieving the fullscreen flag from the parameters passed 
> from the client.  This is the case even in freenx-0.5.0-9.c4, the current version for CentOS 4.  Here's a quick patch against the 
> freenx-0.5.0-9.c4 version of /usr/bin/nxnode that resolves this issue:


It's a minor inconvenience to me.  But it's a whole other ball game when
you have 45 users, with some employee turnover, who "just have to hit
CTRL-ALT-F".  Not to mention embarrassing to have to explain that it's a
bug in "Linux".

This is *much* appreciated.  I'll be collecting up the thank you's from
my users and sending them over in one batch to avoid list clutter. ;-)