[CentOS] backup server..

Thu Sep 14 07:14:05 UTC 2006
Sebastien Tremblay <sebastien.tremblay at au.cmpmedica.com>


> * In regards to nightly incremental backups, we simply use the 
> rsync utility to pull the backups from a server onto the backup 
> host also running linux

You're actually not the first to mention rsync, I'll man rsync and see
what I can get!

> I would highly advise simply paying the money for a RAID 
> Controller card to handle all of this for you. You mentioned 
> that you do not have physical access to the server, so the 
> Raid card can easily handle hdd failures and send you an email 
> letting you know that you need to replace the other drive.

That's actually a very good point. The only thing is that the machine
doesn't generate any revenue and so it'll heavlily depend on the price
of the RAID controler really... I know there is none at the moment which
is why I was looking into dd and tar. I've read that dd physically
read/write every blocks of the disk whereas tar handles `zero-files`
differently... Thus my question!

> Never a good idea to run X when you dont need to. All 
> Administration can be done via config files on the command-line 
> and any system-config gui programs usually have a commandline 
> replacement anyway. But if you really wanted X check out 
> 'yum grouplist' and 'yum groupinstall "X Window System"'

Good point, and I'm fully aware that one of the reasons win2k3 requires
so much ram is the bloody UI! But I figured that with 2 ghz... I might
give it a try! My concern tho' is really about configuring X... I've
installed Centos on a test server here, and the X config is based on the
server video/audio cards + monitor... What happens there there are
none!!? :P

Thx for your time... You made me realise that even RAID1 could be
usefull (don't know why, I was under the impression that with only two
disks raid wasn't worth it...!?

Cheers Brad!


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