Fri Sep 15 03:15:30 UTC 2006
Andrew Sawyers <andrew at sawdog.com>

I know you didn't ask about this, but since you're looking:  OpenVPN has
worked very well for me, and has been trivial (compared to other vpns I've
used) to setup and get working.  See http://openvpn.net/

Andrew Sawyers

On 9/14/06 11:13 PM, "Guillermo Garron" <guillermo.fedora at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have one FC5 server and one CentOS 4.4 server and I want to stablish
> a VPN between them, i have read that VPNd could be an option, anybody
> know where do I find the rpm for CentOS or with repository should i
> have to install in order to get it?
> Also if somebody has some other software that recommend me to stablish a VPN