[CentOS] Lost path to root directory!

Mon Sep 18 02:22:21 UTC 2006
Ted Miller <tmiller at broadcast.net>

William L. Maltby wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-09-17 at 09:27 -0400, Ted Miller wrote:
>>I'll admit I am new to LVM2, but I have got myself in a bad spot.
>>I renamed the LVM volume and volume group so that I can keep track of what
>>is in them.  I have changed grub's menu.lst, /etc/fstab, and /etc/mtab, but
>>somewhere else there is still something telling lvm that my root drive is
>>on VolGroup00.  Where is it, and how do I convince it that
>>VolGroup00/Volume00 (or whatever the defaults are) is now DriveC/Centos?  I
>>suspect it may be hiding in initrd (compressed).
> Yep. Fortunately, thats a cpio file. So uncompress, go to tmp make a
> work dir and "cpio -idmvc -I <your uncompressed file name>".

I tried this, but I get the message:
[root at Office2 /home/tmiller/tmp/centos01]$cpio -idmvc -F
cpio: premature end of file

No files show up in the directory.  Any ideas appreciated.  Doing this in
Mandrake 2006.0.

Ted Miller

> Then cd
> into the dir and find . -name init. Edit that file. There's two
> "ingnorelockingfailure" imperatives in there. One of them names the
> volgroup. Add yours to the list (comma, IIRC - use the man page if there
> is one).
> Then cpio it back up by using the -c param and compress it.
> Bill