[CentOS] Re: Sendmail Segfaults

Wed Sep 20 18:35:53 UTC 2006
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Scott Silva schrieb:

>I used the sendmail rpms from City-fan.org, but I was still having problems.
>Tried tracing what was causing the problem, but could not find any culprit.
>I had added mimedefang about 10 days ago, but I disabled it and still problems.
>Then the system started showing scsi bus resets and hangs... Now the true
>culprit might be showing its face. I found a corrupted journal, and fsck the
>drive, and things seem to be quiet. This is the last system I use an adaptec
>sata-raid card in. When the system was new, I lost 2 drives in a 6 drive
>raid-5 array. Might as well been all six, as the system was trashed.
>Now this...  glad that the backup systems have 3ware's.
>Maybe I will have to migrate this system to a 3ware. When I have time and can
>convince the PHB's that it is the problem.
Thanks for sharing this information.