[CentOS] Saw this and thought warmly of everyone on the list

Wed Sep 20 23:05:25 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> >that is your interpretation and I don't agree with your interpretation
>  It was not an interpretation it was a statement quoted verbatim from the
> authors of SELinux,  you are reading more
>  into SElinux than the persons who created it!

It strikes me as a bit odd that you seem to be the only one who sees
it this way. Perhaps you need to adjust your views on reality.

>  Uusing SELinux in the hope that it will make a poorly setup box secure is
> another limitation you appear not to have realised. From
>  the authors themselves "it was not tested for vulnerabilities", sorry guys
> you still have your heads in
>  the sand (or is it somewhere else?)

Is that really called for? So far everyone's been polite here. Please
stop trying to incite a flamewar on this mailing list. This statement
is blatantly inaccurate, and a misquote. They said that the linux
kernel was not tested for vulnerabilities while they added their code.
I'm quite certain that the NSA tests their own code... HEAVILY. Trust
me on this one.  Again we also have to come back to the fact that this
FAQ you reference hasn't been updated since sometime in 2003. You're
using stale documentation. Since then this project has been picked up
by several major commercial vendors, and is quite thorougly tested.

>  >Therefore, your commentary is merely pissing in the wind. It
>  >is apparent that you enjoy such activity.
>  -- You've missed the point again...

No, I think he's dead on the money. Your opinions don't matter here
one bit, as Centos will continue to reproduce as closely to upstream
as possible.

Unless you can provide RH with SUBSTANTIAL sums of money to remove it,
selinux is going to stay in RHEL, and by proxy centos. Quit crying,
and quit trying to start flamewars.

>  Having set the SELinux debate running again, I'll leave you to discuss it
> further, I am glad I made you all think about it,

You haven't 'set the SELinux debate running again', so quit having
delusions of adequacy. So far this thread has been you whining about
how you don't like selinux, and everyone else pointing out that no
one's making you use it, and that your version of reality is
disturbingly different from that shared by sane people.

>  but you still want to waste your time with it thats great for you, I'll
> wait until its complete and finalised.

If you're waiting for 'complete and finalised' then give up now.
NOTHING is ever complete and finalised in the software world, and any
3rd grader knows this. A project that is 'finalised' is dead. There
are always new innovations, developments, bugfixes, and improvements.
I assume/hope that you mean you're waiting for it to stabilize. As
we've stated several times already, feel free. Use it or don't. WE

>  Finally yes you're right that Linux was an Intern project to start with,
> its taken well ten years to become useful and mature,
>  SELinux is still immature and not [yet]  usefull...

Quit mixing concepts. Useful and mature are independent of each other.
SELinux is immature, but it's quite useful to those who take the time
to learn it. Every new technology is this way. Now for the last time,
please cease this attempt at stirring up trouble.

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
George Orwell