[CentOS] sendmail security-with example

Thu Sep 21 07:15:39 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

>> In above example u can see in the 1st example the
>> sender(xyz) is not real user of my domain , still he
>> is able to sendmail to my real users (abhi).
> ----
> probably not good questions for the list but better you to read up on
> what you want to do. The above is normal behavior for an smtp server
> that is accepting mail for local users - how else would anyone else send
> e-mail to users on your domain if it didn't work this way?

the latest postfix has this feature to tell the client to get lost if 
the address in the mail from: is a local domain and if the address does 
not exist.

>> i have replaced my real domain name with domain.com
>> and i have to do same thing from out side network , in
>> my /etc/mail/access file only is allowed .
> ----
> if that is the case, it isn't working - perhaps you want to show us your
> real sendmail.mc file or read up on using sendmail.

his is working perfectly fine.

>> plz help me.
> ----
> You need to read up on sendmail, MTA usage in general. This list can
> help with configuration details but you need to get a better
> understanding which would only come from in depth reading of things like
> the Sendmail 'Bat' book.

I don't see that he has a problem at all besides expressing himself.