[CentOS] sendmail security-with example

Fri Sep 22 02:50:36 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Email Lists wrote:
> Although this is not specifically on topic, it will help in the big picture
> of your overall mail system(s) design and implementation...
> Please do not forget to carefully craft proper SPF records for your domain
> or domains... then you would need to deal with SPF issues in the servers as
> to what you will and will not accept from others.
> http://www.openspf.org

I won't get into the SPF debate but significant numbers of well 
experienced mail administrators do not believe in its usefulness at all 
and that includes admins all across various mtas.

eg: SPF breaks forwarding.

The real problem is SMTP is outdated. SMTP is broken for today's Internet.