[CentOS] Crontab not working....

Mon Sep 25 09:32:44 UTC 2006
Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com>

On 25/09/06, Ian mu <mu.llamas at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hiya all,
>  just found an odd one on one of our boxes, cron isnt working (for a user
> anyway, but can't seem to get it running properly at all), i.e if I do a
> crontab -e as a user (who is in /var/spool/cron) and add 19 10 * * *
> /bin/touch /home/logadmin/testfile (has permission) its never created. Also
> I get no mails from cron to /var/spool/mail/root so guessing maybe cron not
> working at all, can't find any errors in logfiles relating to it either.
> ps -ef shows crond running however, have tried restarting it via service
> crond restart which shows fine in logs as started
> Not sure what else to check?

Is there an entry in /etc/cron.deny for the user? Does
/var/spool/cron/logadmin look OK?

You could try attaching strace to the running crond process with -f to
see if that provides any insights.