[CentOS] Pix Firewall Monitoring Software on Linux

Tue Sep 26 13:27:37 UTC 2006
Dennis Gilmore <dennis at ausil.us>

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 07:45, ankush grover wrote:
> > Perhaps  have a look at rancid.  It will allow you to script connecting
> > to the pix  and getting the output you want.  its not intended to do what
> > you want but i think it could  be made to done it fairly easily
> hey Dennis,
> Thanks mate for the information. I will definitely look into this tool
> with the initial information on the rancid website there is no mention
> of Rancid supporting Pix Firewall.
> Lets see and hopeful that it will support it.

rancid supports pix's  i use  it to maintain my cisco switches, routers and