[CentOS] Samba setup for CentOS-4.4 workstations

Tue Sep 26 17:09:32 UTC 2006
David Ellsmore <dellsmore at vodafone.ie>

James B. Byrne wrote:
> I am trying to get our prototype Linux workstation to allow users to see
> shares on our legacy MicroSoft Windows-2000 Domain Server,  I can find
> guides for setting up Samba as a Primary Domain Controller but I cannot
> seem to locate any good and expansive guide for setting up a samba
> workstation and just joining the domain.  Perhaps this is so trivial a
> process no-one thinks that it requires such a guide.
> We have user logins to that workstation using the existing Windows Domain
> controller for authentication but I cannot seem to unlock how to allow
> access to the shares.  We have CUPS configured to the networked printers
> but I had to use the administrator's id and password to get that to work.
> I am really looking for a comprehensive guide to the entire process from
> the CentOS workstation point of view and any pointers to such are
> earnestly sought.  I found this site:
> http://linux.unimelb.edu.au/server/course/fc3/samba.html which seems to
> fairly complete but I lack sufficient experience with samba and kerberos
> to determine exactly what this is telling me.  I believe at this point
> that I should be using the "ADS security model" but I have no idea what a
> "kerberos realm" is (at least with respect to an existing MicroSoft
> Domain).  I also lack the knowledge of how to configure this portion of
> the set up so a guiding hand is most welcome.
> Our fqdn for the Microsoft domain is "brockley.harte-lyne.ca"
> I have set up the samba server setting to this:
> Basic: Workgroup: brockley Description: <fqhn of Linux workstation>
> Security: Auth Mode: ADS Auth. Server: BRDC-01.Brockley.Harte-Lyne.ca
> Kerberos Realm: blank (and I cannot set it so that the setting is
> preserved) Encrypt Passwords: Yes Guest Account: No Guest Account
Are you making sure that you re-start the Samba server after making any 
configuration changes?

I'm only asking as this one has caused a few "Homer" moments for me (doh!).