[CentOS] Pix Firewall Monitoring Software on Linux

Wed Sep 27 03:43:30 UTC 2006
Francois Caen <frcaen at gmail.com>

On 9/26/06, ankush grover <ankushcentos at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not a bad option. But haven't work much with the snmp .

Well, it's never too late to start. You can't pretend to admin network
devices and servers without a basic knowledge of SNMP :-)

Like others, I recommend cacti. It's the easiest way to graph SNMP variables.

Other things you should do is direct your Pix's syslog to a syslogd on
your CentOS server. Same thing for snmp traps, send them to snmptrapd
and install the MIBs so you get a little bit of decoding.

Francois Caen, RHCE, CCNA
SpiderMaker, LLC