[CentOS] Lan Monitoring Software on Centos

Thu Sep 28 12:41:56 UTC 2006
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 07:28, ankush grover wrote:
> hey friends,
>  I am looking for a free Lan Monitoring Software/tool on Centos. My
> Network is hetrogenous consisting of   Windows XP/2000/2003/98, Pix
> Firewall, APC UPS, Printers , Laptops.
> I want to monitor Desktops & Laptops and want a daily, weekly,monthly
> reports for each and every client with the details like Bandwidth
> spend on www, mail, chatting. Company wants to track how much
> bandwidth each client is consuming and on what.
> Is there any such tool available? I am using Centos 4.0

Cacti: http://www.cacti.net will do total bandwidth charts
with snmp.  You can watch the switch ports or run snmp on
all the machines or both.  However it does not break down
the application usage.  If you can bridge all the traffic
onto one port on your switch, ntop (http://www.ntop.org)
will provide a breakdown by port, although if you have a
lot of traffic it may have trouble keeping up.  It is a
handy tool that makes it easy to spot virues and people
running peer-to-peer file xfer but I don't completely trust

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell at gmail.com