[CentOS] Trimming the fat out of a Centos 4.4 Installation

Thu Sep 28 15:14:13 UTC 2006
Gabe Shepard <gps at extrema.net>

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006 09:33:42 -0500
"Erick Perez" <eaperezh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks to all for the references.
> Being the final goal a machine that *only* does
> asterisk,httpd(perl,php) and sshd, I will carefully select the
> packages and make sure only the minimum is there (no cups, no X, no
> ftp, etc.
> Let's see how it goes and i will report back. I will start today,
> hehe.
> It must fit a CF card and my boss told me that try to put it in a 128
> mb CF card. anyway Let's see how it ends....
> Cheers,

Hi Erick,
   You may want to take a look at AstLinux (http://astlinux.org/) --
it's specifically designed to run Asterisk on an embedded machine and
comes in well below 128mb.  It may not be perfect for your needs (no
perl in the base system, for example), but might be helpful.