[CentOS] Changing system users pass via webmin

Fri Sep 29 04:20:46 UTC 2006
David Ellsmore <dellsmore at vodafone.ie>

Ivan Arteaga wrote:
> Hi List,
> I need my users to change their passwords, so I defined them as webmin users
> and gived them access only to the system/change password option to do so. So
> far so good... they changed their system passwords (in order to access
> email) but the change it's not reflected in samba passwords. I defined the
> option change password in other modules in webmin but it doesn't works, I
> also have in the smb.conf "unix password sync = yes" but the same.
> I will appreciate if somebody can give me an idea about how to ride this, or
> maybe using another app? o_0
> Thanks in advance.
> --Ivan. 
This is not CentOS related.....you'd get some/any/better answers in a 
Samba list.....but I'll try to give you a few pointers anyhow....


Read the above - it suggests that the Unix password is "synced" with 
Samba - not as you seem to be wanting to do (Samba with Unix).

AFAIK Samba holds its passwords in /etc/samba/smbpasswd - you may need 
to use the "convert Unix users to Samba users option" or consider using 
a different user authentication method to configure a system wide 
password for your users. I can't remember if the "user conversion" 
includes the passwords....you'll have to try it and find out! :-)

Insofar as allowing user access to Webmin, I think this is a *bad* idea 
- the words "shoot", "self" and "foot" come to mind.....it may be 
perfectly safe to do but my gut feeling is that Webmin is much too much 
dangerous to allow "Joe Q. User" any access to it at all.