[CentOS] new machine just turns off after some time.

Fri Apr 13 18:19:24 UTC 2007
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

Hi all...

I have a new machine for centos 5. amd 6000+, 2 gig and 750GIG drives.
Price is quite reasonable... Anyway...

centos 5 installs fine, I was running fine then the machine just turned off.
I tried to run a video for the last 8 hours on it waiting to happen 
again and it
worked just fine.

I then did a continues compile with a batch file and after a few minutes it
just turned off... I saw the length of time to do the compiles was 
At the end about 10 seconds extra than the time when I first started....

I immediately jumped into the hardware monitor for CPU temp and it is 
registering 45C.
around 114 F. Seems OK at this point..

I have heard before RAM or power supply.

Do these symptoms still point to that?
Does the power supply seem more likely than RAM? The RAM is DD2 Corsair.

I am doubtful that the kernel just died or something for froze as the 
machine TURNS OFF.

THanks for any tips.