[CentOS] Problem installing CentOS 5.0

Sun Apr 15 23:38:08 UTC 2007
Varian <varian at vhdesigns.com>

I decided to replace  Suse 10.1 with Centos 5.0 on my file server. Im  
getting stuck right after I select the keyboard layout.

I get the following message on the console:

/dev/sdb: "sil" and "pdc" formats discovered ( using pdc)!

and it just hangs there.  I think sil and pdc are referring to the  
onboard raid chips that the drive was attached to. This drive was  
used in a machine with a Silicon Image raid chip and a Promise raid  
chipset in the past, now its attached to onboard nvidia based  
controller but not in raid mode. I tried to low level format the  
drive and it sill did not work. Any ideas, I don't have this problem  
with Suse or Freebsd.