[CentOS] NTP

Sun Apr 1 01:10:48 UTC 2007
Gary Richardson <gary.richardson at gmail.com>

The default settings should be pretty good. I believe it uses
pool.ntp.orgby default, which is a big list of ntp servers of stratum
2 (and possibly
3?) servers. Running the ntpd service is probably the best way to do it.
'service ntpd start' should be all that is need. If you clock is more than a
minute or two out to begin with, you may need to issue a 'ntpd -q -g'.

On 3/31/07, Mike <centos at silverservers.com> wrote:
>  Greets!
> Ok.  I'm looking at a client that needs to keep their server time close as
> reasonably possible (within a minute) of the actual time of day.  I've
> installed the RPM for NTP and I'm looking for tips on what the simplest
> setup should be, ie:
> What server(s) should I be using for sync?
> Should I just run it from a cron every 20 minutes or so?
> thx.
> Mike
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