[CentOS] LVM & Softraid & expansion

Sun Apr 1 05:14:24 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Cen Tos wrote:
> I've been reading the RHEL 5 manual/guide linked from centos, and the 
> idea of LVM with expandable partitions seems like a great idea (yes 
> duh why else would it exist if not?). Although the documentation shows 
> a screenshot of how the final setup would look like with LVM & RAID 
> together, it doesn't actually gives the step.
> 1. Am I correct in thinking it should be done in this way
> - setup Softraid
> - setup LVM on the raid partitions
> Secondly, LVM allows expansion of the LVM group when we add a new 
> drive. But with softraid, how will this happen? Searching around does 
> not turn up any guide on this. Am I correct in thinking I must always 
> add new drives in pairs (for Raid 1), create a new softraid partition 
> then assign this new partition to the LVM group?

yup, pretty much thats how it works.

In IBM AIX (where LVM kinda came from), the soft raid and volume 
management is rather tightly integrated, but in linux, its seperate.