[CentOS] Partitioning with LVM

Tue Apr 3 16:28:47 UTC 2007
tblader <tblader at flambeau.com>

Noob Centos Admin wrote:

> /boot isn't allowed to be on a LVM, RAID 1 at most.

I think manual partitioning from fdisk will allow it anyway ;)

> I'll keep in mind the problem of unmounting and fsck if I ever run into 
> it. Although, what do you do after booting from Knoppix?

It's changed a bit from Knoppix 4, 5, and 5.1.  Basically I boot into
runlevel 3 and get lvm started either through lvmchage -a (I think)
or running the init script.  This will activate any lvm partitions
that Knoppix can find, but doesn't mount them.

then I can use e2fsck (or equivalent) to fixup or resize any lvm


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