[CentOS] Centos 5 timeline?

Thu Apr 5 17:54:47 UTC 2007
Peter Serwe <peter at infostreet.com>

The list now needs a 'READ THIS FAQ BEFORE YOU POST' page somewhere..

That includes the most commonly asked questions like:

"When will CentOS 5 be released?"

"When will kernel support for XX be included?"

"Why is it CentOS isn't like Fedora Core?"

"How do I create a virtual domain in Apache?"

And my absolute favorite portion of any List-FAQ is the part about:

"Is the post you're about to make relevant to the list's stated purpose,
and is it formulated as an answerable question: A beginner's guide to
list etiquette, clear thinking, and formulation of the question."

Because, proper formulation of the question often presents the answer.


Matt Shields wrote:
> No, it was his lame attempt at sarcasm, probably directed at my
> earlier reply to someone else asking the same redundant question that
> keeps getting asked over and over.
> Seems we have new people joining everyday the list just to ask the
> question, when will CentOS5 be released.
> Matt
Peter Serwe <peter at infostreet dot com>


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