[CentOS] CentOS 4 DNS Server not listening

Sun Apr 8 02:19:39 UTC 2007
Robert Spangler <lazydog at zoominternet.net>

On Wed April 4 2007 13:46, Michael Barnes wrote:

>  I installed CentOS 4 on a new box to use as a DNS server.  It is a basic
>  server install.
>  I configured named and it is all up and running fine.  It just isn't
>  listening on Port 53.  It also (obviously) does not respond to DNS
>  requests.  Requests from the machine itself are processed just fine, so
>  the service is working.  It just can't be used by other machines.  Not
>  good for a public DNS server.
>  I did install and turn on SELinux.  Maybe that was a mistake?  I've not
>  worked with SELinux before.

There are so many possibilities where does one start?  You don't give us much 
information to go on.

I seen the other replies to your question but I didn't see anyone ask about 
your DNS setup itself.  Check your DNS configuration and ensure that others 
are allowed to make requests to this box.



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