[CentOS] VMWare vs Parallels, and Zen

Mon Apr 9 20:26:03 UTC 2007
Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha <strange at nsk.no-ip.org>

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 04:17:29PM -0400, Miark wrote:
> I've seen several references to running VMWare under CentOS, but
> does anybody know how well Parallels runs under CentOS?

Parallels is Mac only.

> On a related note, now that Zen is as mature as it is, are
> commercial VMs really much better than Zen?

Do you mean Xen? Xen isn't as a mature as VMWare is on HVM (unmodified

I use VMWare Server on my workstation and Xen on my servers (all

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