[CentOS] 3ware cards and new firmware in 9.4.1 codeset

Tue Apr 10 15:30:15 UTC 2007
Michael Watters <wattersm at liquidweb.com>

tblader wrote:
> We've been using an LSI SATA 150-6 card for a couple years now and
> it's worked really well.  Maybe I got lucky with an older LSI 
> card/firmware?
> Could you post a couple examples?
I don't have anything right now, mostly what I remember is scsi bus 
timeouts and problems formatting new partitions.  It could also be an 
issue with the motherboards, I don't really have time to screw with it 
though.  We bought some Adaptec SATA RAID cards to try out and they work 
without any issues.  3ware cards work great as well.