[CentOS] Centos 5

Tue Apr 10 16:07:15 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Feizhou wrote:
>> I first used debian@ on the taroon beta:-) It doesn't get a lot of 
>> spam, so I keep using it.
> :O. A SIX CHARACTER username addy not getting spam? I have a SEVEN 
> character username addy and I get loads.

Try it.

Oh, having an email address dedicated to mailing lists helps. filtering 
on list-id helps: stuff that lands in INBOX is immediately suspect, and 
PINE is really good for cleaning out unwanted email without opening it. 
Probably MUTT is too, but I reckon it's a dog.

I've had a great idea to completely kill off spammers, and twits who 
reply off-list, and I intend to implement it when I move to somewhere I 
can have ADSL.

It's simple: email addresses for use on lists will only be accessible to 
servers hosting those lists. For example, I would have one or more 
addresses at my.lists.example.com and I will write DNAT rules (using 
shorewall) to forward connexions from mail.centos.org and some other 
select sites to the box that hosts those addresses.
Anyone else would connect to mail.example.com which doesn't know those 
addresses, so they will get the usual 5xx errors.
A DNAT rule in shorewall looks like this:
DNAT            net     loc:       tcp     25
and I can restrict it by source address.

Spammers beaten.



-- spambait
1aaaaaaa at coco.merseine.nu  Z1aaaaaaa at coco.merseine.nu

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