[CentOS] 2.6 memory management question

Tue Apr 10 18:50:54 UTC 2007
Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha <strange at nsk.no-ip.org>

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 01:43:01PM -0500, tblader wrote:
> Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha wrote:
> >It could be hardware related. Maybe the hardware doesn't like that
> >memory module, or it has problems. Did you memtest+ all your memory?
> Yep.  Haven't ruled that out yet.  I ran memtest for a weekend
> straight on it and it said things were cool.  Someone did mention that
> they weren't sure memtest ran in protected mode so it may not have been
> able access all the ram (4G limit I guess?).  I fired up memtest again
> after that and it listed the whole lot of ram in the stats so it would
> seem it must have been able to test it.

Could you try one night with the ram limited? Try ram=6912M (exclude

There are some instances where the kernel doesn't get a correct memory
mapping from the BIOS and tries to use memory it wasn't supposed to.

In my instances it only caused the system to be *very* slow, not
crashes, but your case may be related.

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