[CentOS] Strange Question regarding CentOS 5 install

Sat Apr 14 01:27:13 UTC 2007
Lonny Selinger <lonny at bangtherockstogether.net>

> Lonny Selinger wrote:
>> Ok so the install has been seamless on a few machines and I decided to try
>> it
>> on my laptop (a Dell D620). I had everything working great and kicked it
>> around a bit and then figured, if I'm going to keep this on my laptop I'll
>> need to reformat everything, enable some encrypted filesystems etc ... not a
>> big deal ... kind of
>> Here's the problem, the laptop has a resolution of 1440x900 and X wont start
>> up on it therefore, I do not get the graphical installer ... not a big deal
>> if
>> you don't want to customize your volume groups and logical volumes, but I
>> would like to.
>> So far I've tested graphical installers from Mandriva and Knoppix and they
>> will actually load a graphical installer but CentOS 5 does not. Does anyone
>> know if there is a way for me to get the GUI installer so I can monkey with
>> VG's? currently these options aren't available in the curses menu set up.
>> And yes I know I could just as easily create regular etx3 filesystems with
>> no
>> LVM2 stuff (no I'm not going to be adding more drives any time soon to my
>> laptop) but it would be nice to know it's possible. I was using LVM2 on my
>> last laptop and it was handy having the ability to grow and shrink some
>> filesystems.
> This works, I think:
> Attach to LAN.
> On your desktop, in konsole:
> xhost +
> Boot laptop, using "DISPLAY=laptop:0" as a boot option, along with ks=
> and whatever else takes your fancy.
> You should also be able to do a VNC install. RTFM.

Thanks ... I was hoping for a simpler solution rather than a cludge type but
if nothing else surfaces I'll give it a shot.

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