[CentOS] Adding MP3 Support to Rhythmbox

Sun Apr 15 20:43:33 UTC 2007
Paul <subsolar at subsolar.com>

On Sun, 2007-04-15 at 16:00 -0400, Juan C. Valido wrote:
> Now that my CentOS 5 server is up and running and playing nicely with
> Windows, it's time for fun. What's the easiest way to add MP3 support to
> the Rhythmbox Music Player.

If you are doing this on a system used in a business environment where
proper licensing is important and live in the USA or place where
software patents are in effect you can go to https://shop.fluendo.com/
and purchase licensed plug-ins for MPEG2, Windows Media, MP3 etc
Gstreamer plug-ins.  The MP3 plug-in from Fluendo is free, the others
cost money.

If you are a home user or live in an area where software patents are not
in effect then you can use RPMForge and install gstreamer-plugins-*
packages and get the capability.

Paul Berger

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