[CentOS] Java installs but won't play

Tue Apr 17 16:35:56 UTC 2007
Leonardo Pinheiro <leopinheiro at gmail.com>

On 4/16/07, Benjamin Sher <delphi123 at zebra.net> wrote:
> Dear friends:
> I installed Sun's Java manually by downloading their Red Hat RPM. I followed
> instructions and the install came off fine (Done!), but when I try to play
> it, it won't work. I imagine that I probably need to create a symbolic link
> to the plugin. Here is the info:
> [sher at localhost ~]$ whereis java
> java: /usr/bin/java /etc/java /usr/lib/java /usr/share/java
> [sher at localhost ~]$
> Could you please help me by suggesting the command and link for this?
> Thank you so much.
> Benjamin


I have done that before (just installed the rpm), and it worked without hassle.

Well, you may try to configure it with:

alternatives --config java

If this doesn't solve, there's an entry in the CentOS Wiki that helps
setting up Java.