[CentOS] Annoying Mouse Tricks

Tue Apr 24 12:39:33 UTC 2007
Pavel SRB <srbanator at heckler-koch.cz>

Mark Weaver wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-04-24 at 00:01 +0200, Pavel SRB wrote:
>> Hi
>> this was my nightmare for about few days. I was and still am running hdd
>> install of knoppix 4.02 on main pc and second testing pc with (win xp,
>> debian, knoppix, kbuntu,ubuntu, freebsd and now centos :o). Using Belkin
>> KVM for two computers.
>> The only solution i found was to put " psmouse.proto=imps "to grub. It
>> is also working when booting knoppix live cd as cheat code. But did not
>> succed on *buntu. I did not test it on Centos, as i am only using terminal.
>> good luck
>> Pavel SRB
> Hi Pavel,
> That sounds interesting, but I'm still wondering what happens at boot
> time that makes the mouse function properly and gets broken when I
> toggle the KVM?
Hi Mark

Mouse(genius netscrool + eye) and keyboard are both ps/2.
If you remember old mouses had a button on bottom for two options: mouse
and x11 (or something like that). So i believe that win want to use IMPS.

I also found many info when using google : KVM linux Windows mouse problem

But to be honest, i believe the mouse was also crazy when switching
between two linux systems.