[CentOS] Re: Isa Soundcard under CentOS 5

Sat Apr 28 17:14:17 UTC 2007
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

Olaf Mueller spake the following on 4/28/2007 3:55 AM:
> Ioannis Vranos wrote:
>> Olaf Mueller wrote:
>>> Jim Perrin wrote:
>>>> Upstream has removed nearly all support for ISA devices in the
>>>> kernel. It was added back into the centosplus kernel for centos4,
>>>> I'm not sure if it was/will be added to the centosplus kernel for
>>>> c5.
>>> What a pity. I have installed CentOS on my server and it works very
>>> well. So I would like to have it also installed on my notebook with
>>> a isa soundcard. Maybe I should give kubuntu a try. But I would
>>> prefer the long term support CentOS gives.
>> Perhaps you may add the ISA support to the kernel yourself, and
>> recompile it? Someone may provide more info on this.
> Yes, this could be a way. Initially I have chosen CentOS 5 for my
> admittedly very old but also nice notebook toshiba tecra 8000 cause of
> the long term support that CentOS has. This notebook has seen all the
> fedora core versions from 1 to 6. And after each new upgrade something
> get wrong, usually the isa sound card stops the work. My hope was to
> install CentOS once and getting all the things run, yum will do the
> rest and I get peace for a few years. But if I had to build my own
> kernel, I will get no peace.
> I am completely happy with CentOS 5 on my server. It would be great to
> have such a nice system also on my notebook.
> regards
> Olaf
Did the laptop work OK with core 3?
If so, you might be able to install Centos 4. It still has several years of
support left.


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