[CentOS] Chmod Explaination

Ross S. W. Walker rwalker at medallion.com
Thu Aug 2 21:37:27 UTC 2007

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> Howdy list,
>  I can't seem to find any doc's explaining what's really 
> going on behind this scenario:
> A user home directory had been reset to :
> d--- --- --- user group user_dir
> As root i tried to : 
> chmod -R 750 user_dir 
> got permission denied, my friend tried with as user that owns 
> the directory to:
> chmod -R 750 user_dir  and voila it works.
> My question is how come did it work, since the user_dir 
> doesn't have a owner permission attached and why user root 
> has been denied with changing the mode? 

Owners always have rights to change permission on a file/folder.

As far as root not being able to, do you have selinux running?


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