[CentOS] Filesystem for Maildir

Heitor A. M. Cardozo

heitor at centralserver.com.br
Sat Dec 1 00:24:52 UTC 2007


A draft with results of my benchmark based on fsbench is available in 

The methodology and the conclusion i will publish later, however, it 
shows that the XFS obtained better performance and EXT3 had results that 
can now compete in this environment.


Heitor A.M. Cardozo

Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> What does fsbench say? It has the best writing performance too?!?
>> No, according to the fsbench results, ReiserFS wins on Read 
>> Performance, but XFS is, approximately, four times more faster on write.
>> I said that the ReiserFS have the best performance based on my 
>> read/write server statics, where read requests are 70% of total I/O 
>> requests.
> Ah. Too bad reiserfs is not stable enough for you.
>> In production, with ReiserFS, the server load average was around 30% 
>> lower than XFS.
> I guess Hans got something right with his reiserfs.
>>> Please post your findings. :-)
>> I'm doing new tests with ReiserFS, XFS, EXT3 and JFS in CentOS 5. I 
>> will post soon as possible.
> Thank you very much in advance.
>> And sorry for my english...
> No need to be and it is not bad at all.
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