[CentOS] Starting samba configuration

Gaddis, Jeremy L. jeremy at linuxwiz.net
Sun Feb 18 01:36:56 UTC 2007

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Chris Moloney wrote:

> After installing samba, "rpm -q" shows me I have samba, samba-common, samba-client and samba-swat installed.
> However, putting http://localhost:901 in the browser brings up an error that the URL cannot be found.

Is SWAT actually running?  Most services aren't set to start by 

I don't have any of those packages installed, so I can't give you the 
name of the startup script, but I'll guess it's named "swat", in which 
case "/sbin/service swat start" should start it up for you.  (If that 
gives an error, use "ls -l /etc/init.d/s*" to find the correct name to 

Afterwards, you can use "/sbin/chkconfig" to set SWAT (and the Samba 
daemons) to start up on system boot.

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