[CentOS] Gnome-terminal $PATH

Sun Jan 14 01:43:26 UTC 2007
Jordi Espasa Clofent <jordi.listas at yahoo.es>

Hi all,

Usually I work in X environment (XCFE) with extensive use of x terminal; 
concretely, I use Gnome-terminal.
Sometimes I change to root to do some admin tasks. But often it seems a 
few commands are not availables. The key is in the $PATH value:

echo $PATH (in login shell, interactive ):

echo $PATH (in gnome-terminal,  no-login interactive shell):

The last path in $PATH variable shows me that the problem would be the 
gnome-terminal doesn't update correclty the $PATH when I change to root 
through "su" command.

¿What do you think about?