[CentOS] Naive suggestions for (kinda) funding

Tue Jan 16 16:41:51 UTC 2007
Radu-Cristian FOTESCU <beranger5ca at yahoo.ca>

First of all, don't shoot me if I got some things wrong.

I personally recommend (without much success :-)) to buy from www.cheeplinux.com (Definite Software), because I believe this is of some help to the CentOS project. At least, to some people involved in it (please correct me if I'm wrong).

§1. Anyway, as PayPal is _not_ an option for some countries, donations to CentOS.org can't be done by PayPal. I suggest to add an item "donate to CentOS: GBP 1" to www.cheeplinux.com, the same way Slackware has an item of $1, so you can "buy" as many of these to donate.

Moving on: www.cheeplinux.com is by no means "the cheepest", on the contrary. From the three virtual stores I trust (and I have used), we have e.g. (shipping is extra):
* 2 CDs on cheeplinux.com US$14.75, and they're paper-printed on the face;
* 2 CDs on thelinuxstore.ca US$7.70, and they're ink-printed(!) on the face;
* 2 CDs on linuxcd.org US$3.50, and they still work :-)) (plus they constantly have new items);
Again, I am "pro-cheeplinux.com" in the hope this helps the CentOS project.

§2. For that price, to have a real success, Cheeplinux should try ink-printing on the CD/DVD surface, like the Canadians do. Properly adverstised, sales should increase noticeably, and they should compensate the increased production costs.

§3. Cheeplinux is also the only place where one can find such cute things like the CentOS PC badge #2: http://www.cheeplinux.com/product_info.php?products_id=210

My suggestion is to try to add some more CentOS-specific/uniquely-branded stuff. Take a look at some interesting products made in Brazil, carrying Red Hat's branding (most likely, illegally):
-- a superb pin, 23 x 23 mm: http://www.linuxmall.com.br/index.php?product_id=982
-- a great rollerbal: http://www.linuxmall.com.br/index.php?product_id=2421

You could try to cut a deal with these Brasilieros to produce _CentOS-branded_ stuff of the same quality. They could ship bulk quantities to the UK, for sale through Cheeplinux.com. A good thing is that LinuxMall.com.br does NOT sell to Europe (except for Portugal), and... their site is in Portuguese only!!! So no, no real competition :)

So, should you get such a pin for GBP 1 (R$ 3.90 make GBP 0.93), you might sell it with something like GBP 3; the rollerball at ~GBP 3.30 could sell at GBP 10, and these are only for the specified items. That is, similar items, CentOS-branded!

Ask me in private for the e-mail of a contact person at LinuxMall.com.br who can speak English (well... sort of, but good enough). Maybe they will cooperate. (Ach! please note how cute their CDs/DVDs are printed!)

aka Béranger

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