[CentOS] Freeing pv space for snapshots

Fri Jan 5 16:03:30 UTC 2007
Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex at 8-P.ca>

Paul wrote:

> But how do I mount it when booted up on CD when it's burried somewhere in
> the LVM on hda2?

Boot normally, stop everything that uses it, unmount it.

If it's something you can't unmount (/, /usr, /var and alike), boot into
rescue mode from CD.  When prompted, let Anaconda find your existing
CentOS installation.  It will than create all devices and mount all file
systems under /mnt/sysimage.  Simply unmount what you need to unmount.
Note, if you want to unmount root (and only if you want to unmount root)
which is /mnt/sysimage, you'll need to unmount all filesystems under it
first.  As well as some stuff not shown as mounted by df command (not
sure about exact list, try unmounting /mnt/sysimage/proc,
/mnt/sysimage/sys, /mnt/sysimage/dev).

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