[CentOS] Desktop link for NTFS .htm file type asks for run or display in CentOS 4.4

Sat Jan 6 19:00:47 UTC 2007
René Standfest <centos at standfest.net>

Edward Diener musste am 06.01.2007 19:38 dies kund tun:
> I created a desktop launcher whose type was a link and pointed to an 
> NTFS file on a read-only ( ro ) partition. When I open the launcher it 
> always asks me whether I want to display or run the file. Of course I 
> want display it and when I click on that button it displays it in my 
> browser, Firefox, correctly. It is neverthless onerous to constantly be 
> asked and have to then click the correct display button rather than 
> Gnome knowing to display it automatically.
> This appears to be happening because the file on the NTFS has an 
> executable permission set to it because the umask I used in /etc/fstab 
> for the partition was 0222. However when I tried changing the umask to 
> 0333, in order to only have the read bit turned on, after rebooting an 
> attempt to open the file from the launcher fails completely since 
> nothing happens.
> Is there a solution to this problem, or is this just the way Gnome works 
> in regard to its launchers ?

I don't have a Linux Desktop in reach where I could test it, but I think it
should work when you make a launcher like "firefox /path/to/file".

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