[CentOS] 3ware 9650SE success - D945GTP note

Mon Jan 8 20:55:43 UTC 2007
Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex at milivojevic.org>

Quoting David Thompson <thomas at cs.wisc.edu>:

> Yes, the 9650SE runs on an Intel D945GTP in the PCIe x16 slot.  However, the
> technical reference for the D945GTP motherboard clearly states, on page 61 of
> D1407001US-1.pdf, topic "Add-in Card Connectors", (quoted):
> "NOTE: The PCI Express x16 connector is configured to support only a PCI
> Express x1 link when the Intel GMA950 graphics controller is enabled."

Hmmmm....  I'm wondering what would happen if you put cheap PCIe  
graphics card into 1x connector, and RAID card into 16x connector  
(thus, the onboard video would be disabled and 16x PCIe connector  
would be in 16x mode).  I don't have much experience with PCIe.  Is  
something like that possible?  Is it possible to stick 16x card into  
1x slot?