[CentOS] FOSDEM: IRC Meeting on Sunday, January 14th, 20:00 GMT

Thu Jan 11 19:01:19 UTC 2007
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 17:40 +0100, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Hi,
> for those of you who want to a) attend FOSDEM <http://www.fosdem.org/>
> and/or b) would like to partake in planning the CentOS appearance at
> We're going to do an IRC-Meeting in #centos-social on freenode.net on
> next Sunday (January 14th 2007) at 20:00 GMT (That's 8pm GMT for the 24
> hour format challenged).
> Everyone who is interested in CentOS at FOSDEM is invited to join us
> there, to ask questions, to make suggestions, to offer help, etc. 
> Everyone wanting to do some CentOS presentation at FOSDEM is invited
> also!
> Hope to see several of you on Sunday (and at FOSDEM).
> Cheers,
> Ralph

Humh, i wish i could attend the irc meeting next sunday but i play in a
band and i have a gig scheduled for sunday .... So this will be
difficult to both play the guitar and participate on irc ... :o)
I think i'll open my irc client to have logging of all this meeting and
try to react on this later on ...
I wish to help/offer help for this event ...

Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>
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